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Integrated Test Scoring, Performance Rating and Assessment Records Keeping


The Objective Test Scoring and Performance Rating (OTS-PR) system is a fully integrated set of 70 modular FORTRAN programs run on a VAX-8530 computer. Even with no knowledge of computers, the user can implement OTS-PR to score multiple-choice tests, include scores from external sources such as hand-scored essays or scores from nationally administered examinations, use and revise multiple different performance rating inventories in the same or different course, assign variable points to test questions and rating inventory items, assign variable weight to different assessments, maintain a grade book linking student names and identification numbers to scores on multiple assessments, and produce reports on student performance and on the performance of the assessment procedure itself (including item analysis, interrater reliability, test reliability). In an average month, OTS-PR supports 50 courses and other applications in 4 colleges of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. Use of the more valid National Board Examinations Type X question is replacing Type K items. Most junior year clerkships and two residencies use the OTS-PR system to rate clinical performance. Use of essay questions is increasing. Samples are provided of student enrollment sheets, test answer sheets, and various reports and inventories. (TJH)


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