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Attitudes and reactions of graduate students toward two-way audio/video and WebCT in teaching of multicultural counseling course

, Clemson University, United States

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The purpose of this study was to investigate student attitudes and reactions toward a course instruction utilizing two-way audio/video transmission and WebCT. With the information received from this study, an academic institution can better prepare for an effective distance education course delivery that will satisfy learners. Instructors can also benefit from the study by planning course materials that will attract learners' interest and enhance learners' abilities while participating in distance education. At the same time, the information gathered from this study could be shared with distance learners to prepare for effective distance education classes in order to optimize the learning process. The sample was 43 graduate students in a multicultural counseling course who studied at one of three class locations.

A quasi-experimental, matching-only pretest-posttest control group design and the descriptive component were utilized in this study. The control group received instruction in a traditional manner, one experimental group received instruction via two-way audio/video transmission, and a second experimental group attended class the studio. A Two-Way Video Interactive and WebCT Evaluation Questionnaire concerning students' attitudes was administered at the third week of the class for the pretest and at the fourteenth week as the posttest. The Students' Reactions Questionnaire was also administered three times during the semester at approximately four week intervals.

The results of this study showed that students had a positive attitude toward the course delivery system that they experienced. The reactions survey showed that reactions of students did not differ among the three groups.

The investigator's observations, students' reactions, and experience and reactions of the instructor are discussed. Considerations for further study are also given.


Mingmuang, N. Attitudes and reactions of graduate students toward two-way audio/video and WebCT in teaching of multicultural counseling course. Ph.D. thesis, Clemson University. Retrieved April 25, 2019 from .

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