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Nursing faculty's training in instructional design for online course development

, Capella University, United States

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Little is known about the phenomenon of nursing faculty training in instructional design for online course development. As more and more nursing faculty are designing online courses, it is critical to know the instructional design competencies that are being emphasized in the faculty training. The research questions that guided the study were: (a) What is the nature and emphasis of training for nursing faculty related to instructional design for online course development? (b) What instructional design theories or models are built into the nursing faculty's training? A mixed methodology research design was used for this study. The researcher used a web-based survey tool and a telephone interview to gain insights of nursing faculty training related to instructional design. A purposeful sampling method yielded a sample size for the web-based survey of nine schools of nursing with online RN-BSN and MSN programs and eight for the telephone interviews. Descriptive statistics were presented from the web-based survey. Phenomenological analysis was performed with data gathered through the telephone interviews with eight school representatives, who were knowledgeable about instructional design practices and the nursing faculty development. The survey results indicated that very few of the instructional design competencies were incorporated into the nursing faculty's training for designing online instruction. Of the International Board of Standard for Training, Performance and Instruction (2000) 23 instructional design competencies, 7 (30.4%) were selected repeatedly in the survey results. Three themes were identified from the participants' descriptions and interpretations: no instructional design requirements, narrow instructional design requirements, and customized models with limited instructional design elements. As nursing schools continue with online course development, faculty training in instructional design must become a critical component to better prepare faculty to design online courses. Nursing leadership must recognize and invest in their faculty and online courses to ensure professional development, competent faculty, and learning outcomes. This requires administration and leadership to promote and support faculty training in instructional design for online course development. The expansion of faculty competencies to reflect instructional design in the online learning environment and nursing faculty's academic portfolio is vital.


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