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The learning transfer of classroom management skills from a computer-assisted instruction program to teaching in the classroom

, University of Georgia, United States

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One of the most important areas in educational research has been effective classroom management (Doyle, 1986). A consistent finding is that effective classroom management is necessary for effective learning. Therefore, it is critical that teachers in training and teachers in the field learn to be optimal classroom managers. Classroom management skills are normally taught using traditional techniques such as lectures and books. Some of the topics covered in these courses might be more effectively taught through instructional technology, as the concepts can be presented in text and linked contextually with graphics and video. Instructional technology has been found to lead to increased transfer of learning (Clark & Voogel, 1985). Therefore, the question of this study asked ‘Does the knowledge of effective classroom management techniques gained through a computer based instruction program transfer to the management skills that teachers use in the classroom?’ The Management of Elementary Physical Education Classes (MOEPEC) program was developed to present effective classroom management skills through a computer based instructional program. Utilizing Dick and Carey's (1990) model for instructional development, the MOEPEC program was developed and includes an introductory section, a tutorial section, a multiple-choice review test, and a section for the students to develop their own rules and procedures. The test for learning transfer involved four student teachers from three different universities in North Carolina. Each participant worked through the MOEPEC program the week before beginning student teaching. Data were collected using observations, written documentation, and interviews, and were analyzed using constant comparative analysis. Findings indicated that transfer of learning did occur from the MOEPEC program to the classroom environment, and that the origin for the knowledge of classroom management skills was attributed to the participants' formal academic training, cooperating teachers, personal experiences, and the MOEPEC program.


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