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Improving Reading Comprehension Through the Use of Computer-Aided Instruction Among Third Graders

, Nova Southeastern University, United States

Nova Southeastern University . Awarded


This applied dissertation investigated whether computer-aided instruction (CAI) would improve reading comprehension among third graders who were at risk of becoming poor readers. Four research questions were explored. (1) What conditions in the subject school contribute to low performance in reading comprehension? (2) Will CAI have a statistically significant impact on the reading achievement of at-risk third graders? (3) How will the use of CAI across the third-grade curriculum impact students’ attitude toward reading? (4) Will CAI motivate third graders to improve performance in reading?

This study began with 40 third graders but ended with 37 third graders from one primary/elementary school in a metropolitan area in Jamaica. The data-gathering instruments were open-format questions, the Early Reading Diagnostic Assessment, Standardized Testing and Reporting Reading, Computer Attitude Questionnaire, and Classroom Observation Checklist. This study included a teacher open-ended survey group; a parent open-ended survey group; a nonequivalent experimental design; a one-group, pretest-posttest design; a pretest-posttest, control-group design; and a counterbalanced (waiting control) randomized treatment design. The intervention was conducted over a 14-week period during the 2009–2010 school year.

Findings were consistent with previous studies that revealed that, over time, CAI improved reading comprehension among students who were at risk of becoming poor readers. CAI worked favorably for the students as they were highly motivated and engaged throughout the intervention. Results affirmed the need to utilize CAI as a viable teaching strategy to advance students’ ability to read and understand what they read at the various grade levels. The differences in the results validated the need to employ CAI, a constructivist approach to learning, over the behaviorist approach. This study should assist the subject school to improve its reading instruction and then to advance its literacy program.


Melhado, G.J. Improving Reading Comprehension Through the Use of Computer-Aided Instruction Among Third Graders. Ph.D. thesis, Nova Southeastern University. Retrieved April 21, 2019 from .

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