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The message of the media: An approach to technology didactic since teaching practice

, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , Spain

Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria . Awarded


The people that work in what's been referred to as “educational technology” currently have available documented quality studies of great interest about the diversity of forms, techniques, use of resources that can be useful in educational situations (Cabero, Cebrian, Alonso, Rodríguez Diéguez…). A great number of these studies have been based on a basic assumption; the education is a process of communication and, in consonance with all we know about this process it becomes useful to gain knowledge and for the application of educational technologies.

The purpose of this thesis, is to examine the previously mentioned basic assumption by evaluating its capacity to act as foundation for our study. The thesis to defend will be “Teaching is something more than communication” as reflected by the use and beliefs of teachers in a didactic media.

What I will try to prove is that, if the usual communication models are not modified and are able to introduce concepts and actions the teachers consider essential in the use of didactic media, then the resulting models are inadequate.

The program in the thesis is as follows:

Chapter I. I will try to look into the educational reality from two different perspectives. On one side, the conceptual aspect, based in the different definitions of education. On the other side, the empiric or phenomenological aspect, based in the fundamental characteristics of the educational process.

Chapter II. I will show some basic communication models, derived from other disciplines and some applied adaptations, used as reference points in education, as one of the most used tools to bring together the two mentioned perspectives.

Chapter III is used to present the procedure used in the study to confront the problem in this thesis.

Chapter IV is purely focussed in the presentation of the data and its results.

Chapter V is dedicated to the internal and external evaluation of the models and the analysis of its findings by relating them to educational situations.


Aguiar Perera, M.V. The message of the media: An approach to technology didactic since teaching practice. Ph.D. thesis, Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Retrieved December 6, 2020 from .

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