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The effects of learning style and teaching methodology on achievement in an introductory database unit

, University of Missouri - Columbia, United States

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The purposes of this study were to determine (a) if the type of teaching method (guided practice vs. independent practice) significantly effected students achievement in an introductory database unit of a microcomputer applications course, (b) if a students' learning style (field-dependent or field-independent) significantly effected achievement, (c) if a student's problem solving ability has any relationship to a student's achievement based on treatment, and (d) if an interaction existed between learning styles and instructional method on achievement measures.

The participants for this study consisted of 59 students enrolled in four intact sections of an undergraduate F314 Utility Software for Microcomputers course. Since participants determined the section to enroll in, the treatments were randomly assigned to the four sections. Twenty-eight students in Treatment I were taught in a computer lab, with each student seated at a computer, using the lecture/demonstration method. They completed guided practice learning activities. Thirty-one students in Treatment II were taught in a computer lab utilizing the lecture/demonstration method with each student at a computer. They completed independent learning activities with the instructor available for help.

As a measure of cognitive style, the Group Embedded Figures Test was administered to the students. To measure students' problem solving confidence, approach-avoidance, and personal control the Problem Solving Inventory was administered and the total PSI was utilized in the analyses of the data. A student information sheet was used to obtain demographic data and information on each student's exposure and experience using microcomputer applications software.

Descriptive statistics (frequencies, means, percentages, and standard deviations), Analysis of Variance (ANOVA), and the Pearson correlation were used to analyze the data.

Results suggested that the guided practice instructional method is more effective than the independent practice method in improving college student achievement scores on database instruction and that achievement is not dependent on matching method of instruction and learning styles.


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