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Relationships between students' level of effort and course perceptions in a blended learning environment

, Indiana University, United States

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The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between students' level of effort and their perceptions about the online portion of a college course taught in blended learning format. Web-based learning has been around for about two decades and has already been implemented in various educational settings in multiple formats. Blended learning is an instructional format that combines web-based learning and face-to-face instructional approaches. Being a new mode of instruction, blended learning needs to be studied to explore its nature and effectiveness on human learning As a contribution to the existing research literature, this study aims at discovering students' level of effort and its relationship with students' perceptions of a blended course.

Utilizing a quantitative research methodology, descriptive statistics were employed to report students' level of effort and their perceptions. Correlation analysis was used to explore the relationship of students' perceptions and course grades to their number of postings, amount of the timespent, and percentages of forum and content pages visited To measure students' perceptions, the Online Instructor Evaluation Questionnaire (OIEQ) and the Online Collaborative Learning Evaluation Questionnaire (OCLEQ) were utilized Moreover, the course Web server logs and students' course grades were used to obtain data pertaining the level of effort Participants of the study were 60 third-year college students enrolled in a Web Authoring course, and they were all from the Center of Excellence in Instructional Technology (CEIT) at a large research university in Turkey. The findings showed that students posted a considerably high number of messages and spent a large amount of time on the course Web pages in addition to the traditional face-to-face communication. Moreover, it has been found that there were no or weak correlations between the perceptions measured by the OIEQ and OCLEQ and the other variables, while there were moderate correlations between the course grades and time-spent on the course website as well as course grades and the number of postings.


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