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Integrating technology into the classroom: An in-service program

, University of Virginia, United States

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The purpose of this study was to determine the effects of an in-service program, that made use of a multiple session design, on the integration of technology by students and teachers in the secondary classroom. I developed an in-service program that adhered to the effective staff development components and that is described in the training manual. I used the in-service program to teach nine teachers how to integrate the world wide web (WWW) into their classroom instruction. A multiple baseline design across schools and participants was used to assess the effects of the in-service program on the percentage of computer use by students and teachers during the instructional day. During the baseline and intervention phases, I assessed computer use by examining the percentage of time the computer was used during classroom instruction. In addition, I asked teachers about their students' and their own use of computers after the completion of the in-service program. To determine the effects of the systematic in-service program, I examined data across schools, across computer applications, and across individual participants.

The results of this study showed that the in-service program increased the percentage of time computers were used during classroom instruction. Through the multiple baseline design, I was able to replicate this change in three schools and sustain the results over several weeks. In addition, teachers reported that they and their students used their classroom computers more often both in and out of the classroom setting.


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