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The language of texting: The new language of a digital nation

, University of Southern California, United States

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It’s a language that has swept our world like a tsunami, in less than a decade. The language of text messaging, using an instant, abbreviated format to send a message, has eclipsed talking on the telephone as the primary way teenagers communicate. Around the globe, millions of people are expressing themselves multiple times a day in 140-160 characters or less. Many of the fears and lamentations surrounding this new language are valid. What it is doing to human interaction, safety, writing skills? This project,, is an aggregate website that features original, in-depth reporting and analysis, blogs, and links to information that focus on the issues surrounding new media in relation to youth and education. From social responsibility, to politics, education, and new technology, this site is focused on creating a resource for individuals and organizations interested in the positive applications of text messaging.


Swartzlander, C.L. The language of texting: The new language of a digital nation. Master's thesis, University of Southern California. Retrieved March 20, 2019 from .

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