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Video preoperative education for spinal fusion patients

, Medical College of Ohio, United States

Medical College of Ohio . Awarded


Teaching efficacy is a key nursing intervention with surgical patients. There is a need to study cost-effective technological strategies that provide preoperative instruction. The purposes of the study were to develop a preoperative instructional video for spinal fusion patients and to determine its effects on level of knowledge as compared to verbal preoperative instruction. The study utilized Roy's adaptation framework where type of instruction was conceptualized as a contextual stimulus and increase in knowledge level as an adaptive response.

The study hypothesis was: spinal fusion patients that received video-taped preoperative instruction had higher knowledge scores than those that received verbal preoperative instruction. A quasi-experimental design was utilized to test knowledge level of an experimental and control group. A convenience sample of 26 adults was used. The method included a 20-item questionnaire completed by the subjects before and after, either a 15 min. verbal or a 15 min. video teaching session.


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