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SITE 2002--Society for Information Technology & Teacher Education International Conference



Dee Anna Willis; Jerry Price; Niki Davis

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  1. Electronic Portfolios in Pre-service Education– Distinguishing Between Process and Product

    Christine Brown, Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, United States

    This paper explores the use of electronic portfolios in the Faculty of Education, University of Wollongong, from 1997-2001, through the lens of ICT integration. Three subject cases are described... More

    pp. 539-543

  2. The Intimacies of Electronic Portfolios: Confronting Preservice Teachers' Personal Revelation Dilemma

    Joanne Carney, Mercyhurst College, United States

    This presentation will discuss some of the findings of a qualitative study of six preservice teacher portfolios—three web-based and three traditional paper format. Using a sociocultural frame, the... More

    pp. 544-548

  3. Web-Based Electronic Portfolios: A Systemic Approach

    Neal W. Topp & Paul Clark, University of Nebraska -- Omaha, United States; Robert Goeman, University of Nebraska at Omaha, United States

    The use of portfolios for student assessment has been emerging as a trend to be considered when planning for pre-service teacher assessment. Portfolio assessment allows teacher candidates to... More

    pp. 549-550

  4. Using Digital Video Tools to Promote Reflective Practice

    Ann Cunningham, Wake Forest University, United States

    Interactive Session Proposal Short Description: The focus of the presentation is how digital video and interactive DVD technologies can support the development of products that encourage... More

    pp. 551-553

  5. Promoting Standards, Assessment, and Technology Competencies Through Digital Portfolios

    Harold Daniels, East Tennessee State University, United States

    Promoting Standards, Assessment, and Technology Competencies Through Digital Portfolios Abstract Institutions that prepare teachers currently find themselves in a sea of standards that they... More

    pp. 554-555

  6. Electronic Portfolios in Evolution

    David Dimond, Brigham Young University, United States

    Electronic Portfolios in Evolution Electronic Portfolios in Evolution describes a dynamic process of transformation. The story began with a single university class attempting to present limited... More

    pp. 556-561

  7. The RIMS/BTSA Electronic Portfolio for Teacher Professional Development

    Zeno Franco, Linda Scott-Hendrick & Scott Lowder, U.C., Riverside, United States

    This presentation focuses on the development of the RIMS/BTSA Electronic Portfolio for Teacher Professional Development. This is a pilot project for a large-scale teacher induction program,... More

    pp. 562-563

  8. Electronic Portfolio Assessment in Teacher Education

    Constance Geier, Northern State University, United States

    The School of Education at Northern State University is using electronic portfolios as an assessment tool and as a means of integrating technology throughout their teacher education programs. The... More

    p. 564

  9. E-portfolio Implementation Success

    Paul Wirtz, Marcia Pierce, Gloria Carr & Jenny Giles, Eastern Kentucky University, United States

    The development of the electronic portfolio for the College of Educa- tion at Eastern Kentucky University. Its subsequent implementation in educational foundation classes with approximately ... More

    pp. 565-566

  10. Electronic Portfolios: Where Should the Portfolios Be Stored?

    Andy King & David Hofmeister, Central Missouri State University, United States

    Student portfolios contain artifacts from performance-based learning activities that attempt to substantiate learning toward one or more measurable outcomes. Typically the parameters for portfolios... More

    pp. 567-568

  11. Where’s the Science? The State of Science Content on U.S. Secondary and Middle School Web Sites.

    Christopher Doucette & Thomas Keating, Boston College Lynch School of Education, United States

    The World Wide Web has diffused from a handful of K-12 schools in the United States in 1993 to near ubiquity in 2001. At present, middle and high schools use the WWW as a vehicle for advertising... More

    p. 569

  12. A Large-Scale Web-Based Electronic Portfolio System: Developing the Purdue Electronic Portfolio (PEP) System

    James Lehman, Purdue University, United States; David O'Brien, University of Minnesota, United States; Joy Seybold, Purdue University, United States

    Electronic portfolios offer a powerful tool for students to demonstrate mastery of performance-based standards for teacher education. As one part of P3T3: Purdue Program for Preparing Tomorrow's... More

    pp. 570-571

  13. Reflection as the Foundation for E-Portfolios

    Barbara Levin & Jean Camp, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, United States

    Reflection as the Foundation for E-Portfolios Barbara B. Levin and Jean S. Camp University of North Carolina at Greensboro Reflection is a highly valued attribute of effective teachers (Henderson, ... More

    pp. 572-576

  14. A WEB Based Electronic Portfolio System for Tracking, Assessing and Displaying Candidate Performance

    Leroy Metze, Western Kentucky University, United States

    This paper focuses on the development and use of an electronic portfolio system. The paper describes: The process of developing critical performances for every course taken by teacher candidates... More

    pp. 577-578

  15. Development of Digital Portfolios in a Outcomes Based Curriculum

    Jacques Morin, Zayed University, United Arab Emirates

    Zayed University is located in the Gulf Region in the United Arab Emirates. It is a 3 year old all female institution providing undegraduate education in an outcome based curriculum. This year, ... More

    p. 579

  16. Electronic Portfolios in Teacher Education: From Design to Implementation

    Laurie Mullen, Ball State University Teachers College, United States; Amy Doty, Ball State University School of Music, United States; Richard Rice, Ball State University Department of English, United States

    Abstract: In this session, we share results of our second year of electronic portfolio design and implementation. We highlight the pedagogical and programmatic considerations that have emerged... More

    pp. 580-582

  17. The model of a teacher's electronic portfolio: Enhancing instructional planning

    Ju Park, The School of Teaching and Learning at The University of Florida, United States

    The purpose of this short study is to suggest how a teacher's class web site, as an electronic portfolio, can be efficiently designed for instructional planning. The findings guide a teacher in... More

    pp. 583-584

  18. Year Two of the Electronic Portfolio Project at the University of Florida

    Gail Ring, University Of Florida, United States

    In this session I will report the results of the first year of implementation of the electronic portfolio project in the College of Education at the University of Florida. I will address the... More

    pp. 585-586

  19. The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly: lessons learned from electronic portfolio implementation

    Ann Rose, West Liberty State College, United States

    This presentation provides the first year results of the implementation of an electronic portfolio requirement for all pre-service teachers at an NCATE accredited, four-year, state institution. ... More

    pp. 587-588

  20. Promoting Paperless Portfolios As Assessment In Graduate Level TESOL Programs

    Mary Avalos & Annis Shaver, University of Miami, United States

    Promoting Paperless Portfolios as Assessment in Graduate Level TESOL Programs Abstract The use of portfolios as a means of authentic assessment and evaluation has become increasingly popular and... More

    pp. 589-590