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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

2002 Volume 5, Number 4

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Does Policy Make a Difference? An Exploration into Policies for Distance Education

    Katrina A. Meyer

    Discusses the impact of various policies, including faculty compensation, workload, intellectual property, and geographic service areas, on distance education enrollment growth. Reports on five... More

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  2. An Interesting Profile--University Students Who Take Distance Education Courses Show Weaker Motivation than On-Campus Students

    E Qureshi, Larry L. Morton & E Antosz

    Discusses distance learning demographics, distance learning motivation, and barriers, and reports results of a questionnaire sent to students at a Canadian university that identified... More

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  3. Factors That Deter Faculty from Participation in Distance Education

    Lisa O'Quinn & Michael Corry

    Reports results of a study of community college faculty's responses to factors that were identified as inhibitors to their participation in distance education. Compares responses given by different... More

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