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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

2009 Volume 12, Number 2

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  1. Comparing the Impact of Televised and Face-to-Face Dual Enrollment Programs on Student Satisfaction and Subsequent Enrollment Choices

    Daniel R. Judd, David R. Woolstenhulme, Karen Jo Woolstenhulme & Vincent J. Lafferty

    A concurrent enrollment partnership (CEP) offers qualified students in high school the opportunity to take university courses. A CEP is usually between a postsecondary institution and a school... More

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  2. Lost in Translation: Importance of Effective Communication in Online Education

    Kristen Betts

    Approximately 3.9 million students enrolled in at least one online course in fall 2007. According to Allen and Seaman (2008), online education growth rates have continued to outpace total higher... More

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  3. Continuous Course Improvement, Enhancements, & Modifications: Control & Tracking

    Vickie Booth, Larry Booth & Fred Hartfield

    The WebBSIT, a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, is a fully online degree offered through a consortium of five University System of Georgia institutions. This paper begins by... More

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  4. The Ties that Bind: How Faculty Learning Communities Connect Online Adjuncts to Their Virtual Institutions

    Angela M. Velez

    Online learning is in its infancy compared to other types of learning in the history of academe. Because of its limited history, there is much to be discovered about the ontological, axiological,... More

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  5. Valuing the Institution: An Expanded List of Factors Influencing Faculty Adoption of Online Education

    Madhavan Parthasarathy & Marlene A. Smith

    We find that faculty consider their self-interests, those of their students, and the value to their institution when deciding whether to adopt online education. Our sample of business school... More

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  6. Where's Walter? Adjunct Outreach Strategies to Bridge the Virtual Distance and Increase Student Retention

    Maryann Lamer

    There are hundreds of studies that address "no significant difference" in the quality of online versus on-ground instruction, yet it is clearly the instructor who makes the difference. While there ... More

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  7. Attrition in Online and Campus Degree Programs

    Belinda Patterson & Cheryl McFadden

    The purpose of this study was to examine how the mode of instructional delivery, campus face-to-face or online, affected dropout relative to students' academic and demographic characteristics. A... More

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