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Online Journal of Distance Learning Administration

Volume 11, Number 4

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  1. Predicting Success for Virtual School Students: Putting Research-Based Models into Practice

    M D. Roblyer & Lloyd Davis

    Virtual schooling has the potential to offer K-12 students increased access to educational opportunities not available locally, but comparatively high dropout rates continue to be a problem,... More

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  2. Team-Based Online Course Development: A Case Study of Collaboration Models

    Emily Hixon

    It is generally accepted that teaching online is a different experience than teaching face-to-face, requiring new skills and techniques. To address some of the unique challenges related to teaching... More

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  3. New Systemic Roles Facilitating the Integration of Face-to-Face and Virtual Learning

    Doug Furey & Ken Stevens

    The introduction of web-based education in Canadian schools, as in other developed countries, has been particularly noticeable in rural areas. Small schools in rural communities have continued to... More

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  4. To Go or Not to Go: The Online Decision for MBA Programs

    Beth G. Chung-Herrera & Kathleen A. Krentler

    This article addresses critical issues for consideration when deciding whether an MBA program should go online. First, background information on various types of distance learning is provided... More

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  5. The Role of Technical Support and Pedagogical Guidance Provided to Faculty in Online Programs: Considerations for Higher Education Administrators

    Randy Wiesenmayer, Lori Kupczynski & Phil Ice

    With growth of online course enrollments outpacing enrollments in traditional courses by 500%, institutions of higher education are experiencing significant changes in terms of long-term strategic ... More

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