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Journal of Special Education Technology

2008 Volume 23, Number 3

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  1. Using Video Modeling to Increase Variation in the Conversation of Children with Autism

    Marjorie H. Charlop, Laura Gilmore & Gina T. Chang

    The present study assessed the effects of video modeling on acquisition and generalization of variation in the conversational speech of two boys with autism. A video was made showing several... More

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  2. Comparison of Static Picture and Video Prompting on the Performance of Cooking-Related Tasks by Students with Autism

    Linda C. Mechling & Melissa R. Gustafson

    This study compared the effectiveness of static photographs and video prompts on the independent task performance of six young men with a diagnosis of autism. An adapted alternating-treatment... More

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  3. The Efficacy of Technology Use by People with Intellectual Disability: A Single-Subject Design Meta-Analysis

    Michael L. Wehmeyer, Susan B. Palmer, Sean J. Smith, Daniel K. Davies & Steven Stock

    It is generally assumed that when technology is designed with the principles of universal design in mind, people with intellectual disability will also benefit. However, there is no research... More

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  4. Does the Model Matter? Comparing Video Self-Modeling and Video Adult Modeling for Task Acquisition and Maintenance by Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorders

    David F. Cihak & Linda Schrader

    The purpose of this study was to compare the effectiveness and efficiency of learning and maintaining vocational chain tasks using video self-modeling and video adult modeling instruction. Four... More

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  5. Video Supports for Teaching Students with Developmental Disabilities

    Kevin M. Ayres & John Langone

    Educators have used video technology in a variety of ways to address the educational needs of students with and without disabilities. This article addresses some of the historical and theoretical... More

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