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The Journal of Distance Education / Revue de l'ducation Distance

2004 Volume 19, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Use of Instructional Dialogue by University Students in a Distance Education Chemistry Course

    Paul Gorsky, Avner Caspi & Inbal Tuvi-Arad

    A distance education system may be viewed in terms of intrapersonal and interpersonal instructional dialogues that mediate the learning and instructional resources that enable such dialogues.... More

    pp. 1-19

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  2. Informal Learning in an Online Community of Practice

    Bette Gray

    What role can online communities play in meeting the informal learning needs of a professional association? This article presents the results of an interpretive study of the experiences of... More

    pp. 20-35

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  3. The Combined Effects of Response Time and Message Content on Growth Patterns of Discussion Threads in Computer-Supported Collaborative Argumentation

    Allan Jeong

    This study examined the effects of response time and message content on the growth patterns of discussion threads in computer-supported collaborative argumentation. Event sequence analysis was used... More

    pp. 36-53

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  4. Learning Together: Exploring Group Interactions Online

    Martha Gabriel

    Recent studies in the literature on online learning highlight a constructivist approach to knowledge-building in Web-based environments. In this case study of an online course, students were... More

    pp. 54-72

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  5. Students with Disabilities in Distance Education: Characteristics, Course Enrollment and Completion, and Support Services

    Susan D. Moisey

    This study describes the characteristics, enrollment, and completion rates of students with disabilities and the support services they received over a three-year period. Between 1998 and 2001 a... More

    pp. 73-91

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  6. Dealing with Digital Copyright Issues in Higher Education: "No" Is Not a Helpful Institutional Response

    Lori Wallace

    In order for online course delivery to be efficient, digital material such as scanned text, diagrams and graphics, and audio/video clips must be copied and distributed. The policies and processes... More

    pp. 92-104

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