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Journal of Culture and Values in Education

Jun 27, 2019 Volume 2, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Influence of Teacher's Characteristics on Civic Education Implementation in Nigeria

    Adaobiagu Obiagu

    There is evidence of dissatisfaction of millennials with democracy and rising populist support for non-democratic forms of governance and nationalism among them. This presents challenges for civic ... More

    pp. 1-20

  2. Teaching as a career choice: A case study on the perceptions of emerging teachers

    Michael Houdyshell

    As fewer and fewer students choose teaching as a career, the teaching profession struggles to understand how to recruit more students into the field, and prevent current teachers from leaving. Data... More

    pp. 21-37

  3. The Impact of demographic factors on pre-service teachers’ perception of Educational Research: Findings from a private university

    Jacob Manu & Christopher Owusu-Ansah

    The current study sought to identify the effects of democratic factors on the perception of pre-service teachers (with diploma as their highest level of education) on the teaching and learning of... More

    pp. 38-56

  4. Historical Fiction Picture Books

    Rachel Wadham, Andrew Garrett & Emily Garrett

    Historical fiction picture books represent a small subset of titles in the broader scope of the format. However, these books are important to both readers and educators. As books are used in... More

    pp. 57-72