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Journal of Culture and Values in Education

May 13, 2019 Volume 2, Number 1

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 8

  1. Using Dewey's Conception of Democracy to Problematize the Notion of Disability in Public Education

    Ricky Mullins

    In this paper I examine ways in which students with disabilities have the capacity to be full, contributing citizens within a participatory, communicative, and pluralistic democracy. In many... More

    pp. 1-17

  2. Parallel Oppressions

    Alexis Jones

    Schooling is generally a culture, a context, where there are particular behaviors that are allowable and those that are not. What we allow, recommend, and encourage for both our students and... More

    pp. 18-33

  3. Questioning the Problematic Nature of School Culture in Elementary Teacher Education

    Lori Meier

    This essay seeks to serve as both commentary and plea to elementary teacher educators and gatekeepers. It first asks us to consider that the culture of elementary teacher education, while... More

    pp. 34-44

  4. Limiting Learning Environments through Domestication

    Stefani Boutelier

    This theoretically based paper analyzes the proliferation of domestication in our education systems inside and outside of the classroom. Looking at past and current trends, questions are posed and ... More

    pp. 45-55

  5. Toward a Brillant Diversity

    Chrystal Johnson & Harvey Hinton

    This essay puts forward a theoretical argument in support of culturally consonant character education. Character education supports the moral and civic development of youth in the United States (US... More

    pp. 56-70

  6. The Politics of Culture

    Abbie Strunc

    Using Van Dijk’s sociocognitive theory as a framework for discourse analysis, the state-mandated standards were examined to determine how the educational culture is impacted by the social studies... More

    pp. 71-80

  7. Resisting Assimilation to the Melting Pot:

    Freyca Calderon Berumen

    The melting pot metaphor suggest that people from different backgrounds come to the United States and through the process of assimilation adapt to a new lifestyle integrating smoothly into the... More

    pp. 81-95

  8. The Challenge with Educational Transformation

    Matthew Etherington

    The digital culture is a challenge for a sustainable future because it adopts the same values embraced by proponents of the Industrial Period of the 18th century. The digital culture, in the same... More

    pp. 96-112