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Journal of Computer-Based Instruction

1987 Volume 14, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 6

  1. Invalid Implicit Assumption in CBI Comparison Research

    Paul Hagler & James Knowlton

    Addresses the implicit assumption that instructional media represent meaningful experimental variables independent of instructional content or strategy. Results of computer-based instruction (CBI) ... More

    pp. 84-88

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  2. Citation Patterns in the Computer-Based Instruction Literature

    John F. Wedman

    This study examined indirect communication patterns among professionals in the computer-based instruction field by analyzing citations from the Journal of Computer-Based Instruction. The patterns... More

    pp. 91-95

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  3. Computer Assisted Instruction in South Africa: An Overview

    Graham E. Oberem

    Presents overview of the use of computers for computer assisted instruction (CAI) in South African educational institutions and industry and discusses the establishment of a CAI unit at the... More

    pp. 98-103

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  4. CAI in Taiwan: State and Problems

    Tieh-Hsiung Wu

    Discusses difficulties in developing manpower, hardware, and evaluation systems for computer-assisted instruction (CAI) in Taiwan. Highlights include the use of CAI in universities, secondary... More

    pp. 104-6

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  5. The Trends of Computer-Based Instruction in Japan

    Toshio Okamoto

    Reviews trends in computer assisted instruction (CAI) in Japan, focusing on authoring languages and mathematical model-based courseware development. The scale of personal computer use and types of ... More

    pp. 114-18

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  6. Designing Software for Easy Translation into Other Languages

    Stanley R. Trollip & Gary Brown

    Discusses ways of designing software to minimize the problems associated with translating the users interface from English into a foreign language. The Examiner, a test development and delivery... More

    pp. 119-23

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