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Journal of Computer Assisted Learning

2001 Volume 17, Number 1


A. Kirschner Paul

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Future Integrated Learning Environments with Multimedia

    T Okamoto, A Cristea & M Kayama

    Presents three trends in education separately: distance learning, ITS systems, and media-oriented learning. Benefits of their integration are considered along with the possible pitfalls and a short... More

    pp. 4-12

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  2. Learning through Computer-based Concept Mapping with Scaffolding Aid

    K E. Chang, Y T. Sung & S F. Chen

    A computer-based concept mapping system was developed that provides two learning environments: "construct-by-self," where the system provides students with evaluation results and hints for feedback... More

    pp. 21-33

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  3. Student Responses to Collaborating and Learning in a Web-based Environment

    R Oliver & A Omari

    Describes a study which explored undergraduate students' reactions to a Web-based environment supporting problem-based learning. Findings revealed that while the majority of students saw value to... More

    pp. 34-47

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  4. Technology-Supported Learning: Status, Issues and Trends

    D Vogel & J Klassen

    Examines the status, issues, and trends of multimedia instructional support. Presents examples associated with the development of CD-ROMs and interactive Web sites to illustrate important... More

    pp. 104-14

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