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Technology, Knowledge and Learning

July 2011 Volume 16, Number 2

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Number of articles: 3

  1. The Inscription, Translation and Re-Inscription of Technology for Mathematical Learning

    Thomas Hillman

    Seeking to contribute to our understanding of the role of educational technology in mathematical learning, this paper takes a socio-genetic approach to tracing the ways technology becomes part of... More

    pp. 103-124

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  2. Students' Evolving Meaning about Tangent Line with the Mediation of a Dynamic Geometry Environment and an Instructional Example Space

    Irene Biza

    In this paper I report a lengthy episode from a teaching experiment in which 15-Year 12 Greek students negotiated their definitions of tangent line to a function graph. The experiment was designed ... More

    pp. 125-151

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  3. Development Process of a Praxeology for Supporting the Teaching of Proofs in a CAS Environment Based on Teachers' Experience in a Professional Development Course

    Nurit Zehavi & Giora Mann

    This paper presents the development process of a "praxeology" (theory-of-practice) for supporting the teaching of proofs in a CAS environment. The characteristics of the praxeology were elaborated ... More

    pp. 153-181

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