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E-Learning and Digital Media

2011 Volume 8, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. ICT, Education Transformation, and Economic Development: An Analysis of the US National Educational Technology Plan

    Robert B. Kozma

    In support of the conclusions and recommendations in the National Education Technology Plan (NETP), this article makes explicit the connections between the economic rationale used in the plan and... More

    pp. 106-120

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  2. The Nature of Assessment Systems to Support Effective Use of Evidence through Technology

    Kathleen Scalise & Mark Wilson

    The National Educational Technology Plan 2010 (NETP) presents a model of twenty-first-century learning powered by technology, with goals and recommendations in five essential areas: learning,... More

    pp. 121-132

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  3. Transforming American Education

    Michael B. Horn & Katherine Mackey

    In this article the authors accept as a given the National Education Technology Plan's vision of a transformed education system powered by technology such that learners receive personalized and... More

    pp. 133-144

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  4. Transforming American Education: Revolution or Counter-Revolution?

    Leonard J. Waks

    This article critiques the report of President Obama's taskforce on educational technology, "Transforming American Education". It calls into question the claims of the authors that the proposed... More

    pp. 145-153

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  5. The National Educational Technology Plan Doesn't Live up to Its Call for Revolutionary Transformation

    Raymond M. Rose

    The National Educational Technology Plan (NETP) calls for the revolutionary transformation of the American educational system. The plan correctly points to the decisions of the late 1800s that... More

    pp. 165-169

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