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CBE - Life Sciences Education

2010 Volume 9, Number 4

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Number of articles: 3

  1. Thinking about the Conceptual Foundations of the Biological Sciences

    M W. Klymkowsky

    Not until the core concepts of biology are clearly defined and become the focus of instruction and assessment can we expect meaningful improvements in biological literacy and the removal of... More

    pp. 405-407

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  2. The American Science Pipeline: Sustaining Innovation in a Time of Economic Crisis

    Gillian Hue, Jessica Sales, Dawn Comeau, David G. Lynn & Arri Eisen

    Significant limitations have emerged in America's science training pipeline, including inaccessibility, inflexibility, financial limitations, and lack of diversity. We present three effective... More

    pp. 431-434

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  3. Learn before Lecture: A Strategy that Improves Learning Outcomes in a Large Introductory Biology Class

    Marin Moravec, Adrienne Williams, Nancy Aguilar-Roca & Diane K. O'Dowd

    Actively engaging students in lecture has been shown to increase learning gains. To create time for active learning without displacing content we used two strategies for introducing material before... More

    pp. 473-481

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