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Interactive Technology and Smart Education

2011 Volume 8, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. An Initial Approach to the Integration of Web 2.0 Technologies in the Research Environment

    Nandy Millan & Adrian Bromage

    Purpose: The paper comprises an extended discussion of the possibilities that Web 2.0 applications offer to doctoral researchers, and where such applications fit in the early twenty-first century... More

    pp. 148-160

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  2. Digital Divide among Youth: Socio-Cultural Factors and Implications

    Peter Parycek, Michael Sachs & Judith Schossbock

    Purpose: This paper aims to examine socio-cultural differences in internet use (Digital Divide) among 14-year-old Austrian pupils, in particular usage scenarios and research competences. It is... More

    pp. 161-171

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  3. Software Engineering Infrastructure in a Large Virtual Campus

    Jesus Cristobal, Jorge Merino, Antonio Navarro, Miguel Peralta, Yolanda Roldan & Rosa Maria Silveira

    Purpose: The design, construction and deployment of a large virtual campus are a complex issue. Present virtual campuses are made of several software applications that complement e-learning... More

    pp. 172-185

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  4. Introducing Backstage--A Digital Backchannel for Large Class Lectures

    Alexander Pohl, Vera Gehlen-Baum & Francois Bry

    Purpose: This paper seeks to report on the conception of a novel digital backchannel, Backstage, dedicated to large classes, aiming at empowering not only the audience but also the speaker, at... More

    pp. 186-200

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