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International Journal of Distance Education Technologies

2015 Volume 13, Number 4

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Number of articles: 6

  1. A Context-Aware Self-Adaptive Fractal Based Generalized Pedagogical Agent Framework for Mobile Learning

    Soufiane Boulehouache, Ramdane Maamri & Zaidi Sahnoun

    The Pedagogical Agents (PAs) for Mobile Learning (m-learning) must be able not only to adapt the teaching to the learner knowledge level and profile but also to ensure the pedagogical efficiency... More

    pp. 1-28

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  2. Plagiarism Detection Algorithm for Source Code in Computer Science Education

    Xin Liu, Chan Xu & Boyu Ouyang

    Nowadays, computer programming is getting more necessary in the course of program design in college education. However, the trick of plagiarizing plus a little modification exists among some... More

    pp. 29-39

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  3. An Innovative Approach for Assisting Teachers in Improving Instructional Strategies via Analyzing Historical Assessment Data of Students

    Li-Chen Cheng, Hui-Chun Chu & Bang-Min Shiue

    Identifying learning problems of students has been recognized as an important issue for assisting teachers in improving their instructional skills or learning design strategies. The accumulated... More

    pp. 40-61

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  4. User Preferences for Web-Based Module Design Layout and Design Impact on Information Recall Considering Age

    Cristina Pomales-García & Mericia Rivera-Nivar

    Research in design of Web-based modules should incorporate aging as an important factor given the diversity of the current workforce. This work aims to understand how Web-Based Learning modules can... More

    pp. 62-79

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  5. An Investigation of a Computer Training Company's Migration to a New Distance Learning Platform and the Implementation of an Online Professional Development Program

    Denis Rudd & Carianne Bernadowski

    The purpose of the study was to determine if the Training Partner Program was successful in preparing trainers to use a new distance learning platform. Results indicate the program was a success in... More

    pp. 80-97

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  6. Utilizing Simulation-Based Training of Video Clip Instruction for the Store Service Operations Practice Course

    Che-Hung Lin, Yu-Ren Yen & Pai-Lu Wu

    The aim of this study was to develop a store service operations practice course based on simulation-based training of video clip instruction. The action research of problem-solving strategies... More

    pp. 98-107

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