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Quarterly Review of Distance Education

2002 Volume 3, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 7

  1. A Framework for Analyzing, Designing, and Sequencing Planned Elearning Interactions

    Atsusi Hirumi

    Proposes a three-level framework for classifying elearning (electronic learning) interactions in distance education. Illustrates how the framework may be used to design and sequence electronic... More

    pp. 141-60

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  2. Computer-Mediated Communication, eLearning, and Interactivity: A Review of the Research

    Brenda Bannan-Ritland

    Reviews research related to computer-mediated communication, electronic learning (elearning), and interactivity, including instructional strategies and activities suggested by the research.... More

    pp. 161-79

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  3. Active, Interactive, and Reflective eLearning

    Zane L. Berge

    Discussion of constructivist learning environments and the instructor's role focuses on interaction in electronic learning (elearning) environments. Highlights include learning-centered... More

    pp. 181-90

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  4. More than Just a Pretty (Inter) Face: The Role of the Graphical User Interface in Engaging Elearners

    Susan E. Metros & John G. Hedberg

    Examines the relationship between the graphical user interface (GUI) and the cognitive demands placed on the learner in eLearning (electronic learning) environments. Describes ways educators can... More

    pp. 191-205

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  5. eLearning Communities

    Chih-Hsiung Tu & Michael Corry

    Discusses eLearning (electronic learning) communities and their impact on human learning; reviews frameworks used for examining eLearning communities; and proposes a refined framework for future... More

    pp. 207-18

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  6. Online Learners' Preferences for Interaction

    Pamela T. Northrup

    Describes a study that investigated types of interaction that graduate students perceived to be important for elearning (electronic learning). Discusses content interaction, conversation and... More

    pp. 219-26

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  7. Around the Globe

    Steve Wheeler

    Reports on the New World Learning Symposium held in London in November, 2001 that discussed new learning technologies. Highlights include student preferences in distance education; developments in ... More

    pp. 227-30

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