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Teaching Science

March 2014 Volume 60, Number 1

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Number of articles: 2

  1. Scientific Visualisations for Developing Students' Understanding of Concepts in Chemistry: Some Findings and Some Lessons Learned

    David Geelan, Peter Mahaffy & Michelle Mukherjee

    Scientific visualisations such as computer-based animations and simulations are increasingly a feature of high school Science instruction. Visualisations are adopted enthusiastically by teachers... More

    pp. 30-38

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  2. Innovative Use of Smartphones for a Sound Resonance Tube Experiment

    Siew Wei Tho & Yau Yuen Yeung

    A Smartphone is not only a mobile device that is used for communication but is also integrated with a personal digital assistant (PDA) and other technological capabilities such as built-in... More

    pp. 39-42

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