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Australian Educational Computing

July 2011 Volume 26, Number 1

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  1. ACCE Position Paper on ICT in the Australian Curriculum

    The Melbourne Declaration recognises the place of ICT in education by it being both a general capability (GC) and a learning area conceptually placed under the umbrella of Technologies. This dual... More

    pp. 3-4

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  2. ACCE Study Tour to ISTE2011 (San Francisco, New York, Washington, Philadelphia)

    Donna Gronn & Geoff Romeo

    In June/July this year a group of 28 educators from across Australia travelled to the US on the 2011 ACCE ISTE Study Tour. The group comprised a very broad section of educators--primary, secondary ... More

    pp. 5-9

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  3. Laptop Classes in Some Australian Government Primary Schools

    Andrew E. Fluck

    Australia was once a world leader for laptop adoption in schools. Now overtaken by extensive roll-outs of laptops in Maine and Uruguay, this paper seeks to explain why this lead was lost. Six case ... More

    pp. 10-15

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  4. Beginning Teacher Knowledge: Results from a Self-Assessed TPACK Survey

    Kathy Jordan

    For over twenty years teachers in Australia and internationally have been encouraged to use ICT in their practice. Various government policies have been implemented to provide the technical means... More

    pp. 16-26

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  5. Netbook Computers as an Appropriate Solution for 1:1 Computer Use in Primary Schools

    Kevin Larkin & Glenn Finger

    As schools increasingly move towards 1:1 computing, research is required to inform the design and provision of this access. Utilising the Activity Theory (AT) notion of contradictions and expansion... More

    pp. 27-34

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