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Internet and Higher Education

2005 Volume 8, Number 1

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Creating cognitive presence in a blended faculty development community

    Norman Vaughan & D. Randy Garrison

    The focus of this study was to understand how a blended learning approach can support the inquiry process (cognitive presence) in a faculty development context. The findings from this study... More

    pp. 1-12

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  2. Digital game-based learning: Towards an experiential gaming model

    Kristian Kiili

    Online games satisfy the basic requirements of learning environments and can provide engaging learning experiences for students. However, a model that successfully integrates educational theory and... More

    pp. 13-24

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  3. Video in distance education: ITFS vs. web-streaming: Evaluation of student attitudes

    Jana Reisslein, Patrick Seeling & Martin Reisslein

    The use of video in distance education courses has a long tradition, with many colleges and universities having been delivering distance education courses with video since the 80's using the... More

    pp. 25-44

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  4. A purposive approach to content analysis: Designing analytical frameworks

    Philippa Gerbic & Elizabeth Stacey

    Content analysis of computer conferences provides a rich source of data for researching and understanding online learning. However, the complexities of using content analysis in a relatively new... More

    pp. 45-59

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  5. Use of innovative technologies on an e-learning course

    Martin Weller, Chris Pegler & Robin Mason

    This paper examines how four innovative Internet technologies were incorporated into one course at The UK Open University. The technologies were: blogging, audio conferencing, instant messaging and... More

    pp. 61-71

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  6. Is online instruction perceived as effective as campus instruction by graduate students in education?

    Janna Siegel Robertson, Michael M. Grant & Lorrie Jackson

    At a southern metropolitan university, the researchers examined the students' perceived quality of the learning experience of the online courses as compared to classroom-based learning for graduate... More

    pp. 73-86

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