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Internet and Higher Education

2000 Volume 3, Number 1

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Number of articles: 7

  1. The Internet and Higher Education Special Issue on the History of Online Learning

    John A. Scigliano

    Provides an overview of this issue which gives a global account of the history and development of online learning. Highlights include programs at Nova Southeastern University; Simon Fraser... More

    pp. 1-5

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  2. From early to current developments in online learning at Nova Southeastern University: reflections on historical milestones

    Laurie P Dringus & John A Scigliano

    The authors trace the major historical milestones achieved by Nova Southeastern University (NSU) in its pioneering of graduate-level online learning programs. We share our story of building our... More

    pp. 23-40

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  3. Shift happens: online education as a new paradigm in learning

    Linda Harasim

    This article addresses that paradigmatic shift. It begins by presenting an overview of the history of online education as a context and framework for understanding the state of the art today,... More

    pp. 41-61

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  4. From distance education to online education

    Robin Mason

    The UK Open University (OU) was founded 30 years ago as a print-based distance teaching institution. It is gradually transforming itself into an electronic university. This article describes some... More

    pp. 63-74

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  5. The instructor as manager: time and task

    Betty Collis & Gerard Gervedink Nijhuis

    We and several other members of our faculty have been pioneers with the use of information and communication technology in education. For many years, we have worked with a variety of technologies... More

    pp. 75-97

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  6. A lifecycle model for online learning management: 21 critical metrics for the 21st century

    John A Scigliano & Laurie P Dringus

    Online learning environments (OLEs) are difficult to manage. They depend on many interconnecting networks and systems that all must function effectively, all the time. In this article, the authors ... More

    pp. 99-115

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  7. Moving beyond the white cane: building an online learning environment for the visually impaired professional

    Donald P. Mitchell & John A. Scigliano

    This article is about the development of an online learning environment (OLE) for a retired, visually impaired professional named Donald Mitchell. He has macular degeneration (MD). Because of this ... More

    pp. 117-124

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