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Internet and Higher Education

1998 Volume 1, Number 1

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Merging the intellectual and technical infrastructures in higher education: The internet example

    Richard L. Hannah

    The increasing infusion of information technologies is challenging the academic core of higher education. While enrichments of instructional quality are made possible by these new resources, their ... More

    pp. 7-20

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  2. A neophyte constructs a web site: Lessons learned

    Devin Bent

    Lessons learned constructing a web site are reviewed to help both neophyte and experienced site developers. Neophytes will be exposed to opportunities and pitfalls: the experienced developers may... More

    pp. 21-30

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  3. Distance learning: Barriers and strategies for students and faculty

    Gwen Hillesheim

    Clearly education in the online environment of distance education has unique characteristics. Students and faculty who operate in this environment encounter various barriers to their success that... More

    pp. 31-44

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  4. Confronting Hypertext: exploring divergent responses to digital coursework

    Pamela C. Harris, Michael H. Harris & Stan A. Hannah

    The “Confronting Hypertext” Project is a collaborative effort designed to systematically investigate learning outcomes using exclusively hypertext-based instruction delivered via the Internet.... More

    pp. 45-57

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  5. Information dissemination as reflected in U.S. government information policy and practice

    Peter Hernon

    This article places information dissemination by the U.S. government within the context of policy initiatives related to “managing for results,” accountability, and customer-driven services.... More

    pp. 59-81

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