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Knowledge Quest

2012 Volume 40, Number 3

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Innovative Professional Development: Expanding Your Professional Learning Network

    Lisa Perez

    To assume the role of technology leaders and information literacy specialists in their schools, librarians need access to the most current information. And, they do this by helping each other.... More

    pp. 20-22

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  2. These Aren't Your Father's Funny Papers: The New World of Digital Graphic Novels

    Heather Moorefield-Lang & Karen Gavigan

    Due to the development of new 21st-century technologies, the world of children's and young adult literature is continually changing. For example, one of the fastest-growing multimodal formats that ... More

    pp. 30-34

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  3. Letting Students Use Web 2.0 Tools to Hook One Another on Reading

    Zorana Ercegovac

    In the rapidly changing globalized world, school librarians cannot prepare today's students for every possible outcome, but they can give them the skills that will make them adaptable in 21st... More

    pp. 36-39

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  4. Deploying E-Readers without Buying E-Books: One School's Emphasis on the Public Domain

    Wendy Stephens

    With the introduction of more standardized multimedia file formats, the text has more potential than ever to provide a really robust experience, with the best products moving from discrete... More

    pp. 40-43

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  5. Now Is the Time: Embrace Communication Media and Data Use

    Tom Woodward

    In a world where the Florida Department of Education is in the process of committing to providing all K-12 content digitally by 2015, and where online education is increasing exponentially, schools... More

    pp. 58-61

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  6. Privacy and E-Books

    Theresa Chmara

    The use of electronic reading devices has proliferated in the last few years. These reading devices appear to be particularly popular with young readers. A generation of students that has grown up ... More

    pp. 62-65

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  7. Weaving a Virtual Story--Creating Book Trailers 101

    Naomi Bates

    Book trailers are fast becoming today's marketing technique for newly published books. They have changed the way students select books, and trailers meet the expectations of today's teens who have ... More

    pp. 72-76

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