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Language Learning & Technology

October 2010 Volume 14, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Research for Practice: A Look at Issues in Technology for Second Language Learning

    Carol A. Chapelle

    Over the past fourteen years, the pages of "Language Learning & Technology" have been filled with examples of research that take up the challenge of investigating second language learning through... More

    pp. 27-30

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  2. Writing/Thinking in Real Time: Digital Video and Corpus Query Analysis

    Kwanghyun Park & Celeste Kinginger

    The advance of digital video technology in the past two decades facilitates empirical investigation of learning in real time. The focus of this paper is the combined use of real-time digital video ... More

    pp. 31-50

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  3. Collaborative Writing: Fostering Foreign Language and Writing Conventions Development

    Idoia Elola & Ana Oskoz

    The use of social technologies, such as wikis and chats, has brought a renewed attention to L2 collaborative writing. Yet, a question that still remains to be answered is the extent to which... More

    pp. 51-71

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  4. Oral Computer-Mediated Interaction between L2 Learners: It's about Time!

    Inigo Yanguas

    This study explores task-based, synchronous oral computer-mediated communication (CMC) among intermediate-level learners of Spanish. In particular, this paper examines (a) how learners in video and... More

    pp. 72-93

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