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Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication

1996 Volume 2, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 5

  1. Computers in the Classroom: From Tool to Medium

    Corrina Perrone, Alexander Repenning, Sarah Spencer & James Ambach

    Discusses the computer as a communication medium to support learning. Illustrates the benefits of this reconceptualization in the context of having students author and play interactive simulation... More

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  2. Using the WWW to Build Learning Communities in K-12

    Douglas N. Gordin, Louis M. Gomez, Roy D. Pea & Barry J. Fishman

    Examines the utility of the World Wide Web (WWW) for aiding in the construction of school-based and work-based learning communities. Surveys current offerings on the WWW. Advances proposals for... More

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  3. Modelling Situated Actions in Collaborative Hypertext Databases

    Chaomei Chen & Roy Rada

    Develops a probabilistic model of the usage of an awareness-maintaining mechanism in a collaborative hypertext database system. Studies longitudinal time series data of user-database interaction.... More

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  4. A MOO-Based Virtual Training Environment

    Michael Mateas & Scott Lewis

    Describes the implementation of a virtual environment to support the training of engineers in Panels of Experts (POE), a vehicle for gathering customer data. Describes the environment, discusses... More

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  5. Gender Language in Internet Group Discussions

    Victor Savicki, Dawn Lingenfelter & Merle Kelley

    Focuses on online newsgroup gender composition and the seeming relatedness between gender roles and group process functions described as task and maintenance. Finds that men far outnumber women as ... More

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