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Journal of the Learning Sciences

2011 Volume 20, Number 3

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Number of articles: 4

  1. Strategic Facilitation of Problem-Based Discussion for Teacher Professional Development

    Meilan Zhang, Mary Lundeberg & Jan Eberhardt

    Engaging teachers in discussing and analyzing problems of practice has great potential for teacher professional development, yet little is known about how to facilitate such discussion. This study ... More

    pp. 342-394

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  2. E-Moderation of Synchronous Discussions in Educational Settings: A Nascent Practice

    Baruch B. Schwarz & Christa S. Asterhan

    E-moderation has been a common practice in asynchronous discussions of postsecondary courses. We consider here e-moderation of synchronous discussions in the school context. We adopt a design... More

    pp. 395-442

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  3. Critical Questions and Argument Stratagems: A Framework for Enhancing and Analyzing Students' Reasoning Practices

    E Michael Nussbaum & Ordene V. Edwards

    This article explores the concepts of "critical questions" (from D. N. Walton, 1996) and "integrative" and "refutational argument stratagems" as an approach for teaching argumentation and critical ... More

    pp. 443-488

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  4. Distributed by Design: On the Promises and Pitfalls of Collaborative Learning with Multiple Representations

    Tobin White & Roy Pea

    This article presents a designed learning environment intended to engage students in learning about the relationships among multiple representations as they work together on a shared task. Over the... More

    pp. 489-547

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