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Journal of Computing in Higher Education

August 2009 Volume 21, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Technology's Effect on Achievement in Higher Education: A Stage I Meta-Analysis of Classroom Applications

    Richard F. Schmid, Robert M. Bernard, Eugene Borokhovski, Rana Tamim, Philip C. Abrami, C Anne Wade, Michael A. Surkes & Gretchen Lowerison

    This paper reports the findings of a Stage I meta-analysis exploring the achievement effects of computer-based technology use in higher education classrooms (non-distance education). An extensive... More

    pp. 95-109

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  2. An Exploratory Analysis of Communication in Peer-Directed Educational Discourse

    William J. Gibbs

    This exploratory analysis examined the nature of asynchronous, text-based communication in peer-directed educational discussions. The nature of communication changed over time and women exhibited... More

    pp. 110-127

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  3. Think, Feel, Act: Motivational and Emotional Influences on Military Students' Online Academic Success

    Anthony R. Artino

    This study employed a social-cognitive view of self-regulated learning to examine how several personal factors relate to academic success in an online course. Service academy undergraduates (N =... More

    pp. 146-166

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