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Educational Technology Research and Development

December 2007 Volume 55, Number 6

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Exploring the Structure of Trainee Teachers' ICT Literacy: The Main Components of, and Relationships between, General Cognitive and Technical Capabilities

    Lina Markauskaite

    There is growing concern over graduating trainee teachers' insufficient level of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacy. The main purpose of this research was to describe the... More

    pp. 547-572

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  2. Empirical Study of Motivators and Barriers of Teacher Online Knowledge Sharing

    Khe Foon Hew & Noriko Hara

    The focus of this study was to understand knowledge flows among teachers by examining what types of knowledge was shared by teachers, as well as what motivates or hinders teachers to share... More

    pp. 573-595

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  3. Evaluation of a Collaborative Multimedia Conflict Resolution Curriculum

    Richard Goldsworthy, Nancy Schwartz, Sasha Barab & Anita Landa

    This article describes the development and evaluation of STARstreams, a pilot effort to utilize videos and online discussions in a conflict resolution curriculum that acknowledges the inherent... More

    pp. 597-625

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  4. Self-Presentation Bias in Surveys of Teachers' Educational Technology Practices

    Theodore J. Kopcha & Howard Sullivan

    This study investigated self-presentation bias in the self-reports of teachers about their practices in six topic areas in educational technology (Instructional Design, Assessment, Learner-Centered... More

    pp. 627-646

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  5. Novice and Experienced Instructional Software Developers: Effects on Materials Created with Instructional Software Templates

    Eddy W. Boot, Jeroen J. G. van Merrienboer & Arja L. Veerman

    The development of instructional software is a complex process, posing high demands to the technical and didactical expertise of developers. Domain specialists rather than professional developers... More

    pp. 647-666

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  6. Toward an Instructional Design Model Based on Learning Objects

    Andres Chiappe Laverde, Yasbley Segovia Cifuentes & Helda Yadira Rincon Rodriguez

    The present moment in the history of higher education requires setting strategies and specific action plans to guarantee a place in the highly competitive and demanding world scenario. The... More

    pp. 671-681

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