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Educational Technology Research and Development

1996 Volume 44, Number 2

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Effects of Search Tool Type and Cognitive Style on Performance during Hypermedia Database Searches

    Lars F. Leader & James D. Klein

    Describes a study that investigated the effects of search tools and learner cognitive styles on performance in searches for information within a hypermedia database. Students in a university... More

    pp. 5-15

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  2. The Effect of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies on Performance in Learner Controlled Computer-Based Instruction

    James D. Young

    Describes a study of seventh graders that examined the effect of self-regulated learning strategies (SRLS) on performance in learner-controlled and program-controlled computer-based instruction.... More

    pp. 17-27

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  3. Strategy Orientations, Learner Activity, and Learning Outcomes: Implications for Instructional Support of Learning

    Carrie A. McKeague & Francis J. Di Vesta

    Describes a study of undergraduates that investigated the differential effects of strategy orientation (memory strategy, organization strategy, application strategy, and read-and-study control)... More

    pp. 29-42

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  4. Seriously Considering Play: Designing Interactive Learning Environments Based on the Blending of Microworlds, Simulations, and Games

    Lloyd P. Rieber

    Provides a brief overview of the history, research, and theory related to play. Research from education, psychology, and anthropology suggests that play is a powerful mediator for lifelong learning... More

    pp. 43-58

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  5. Frog Dissection via the World Wide Web: Implications for Widespread Delivery of Instruction

    Mabel B. Kinzie

    Describes the development of a set of Internet-based instructional materials on frog dissection and anatomy for high schools, and reports on the effectiveness of Internet delivery for encouraging... More

    pp. 59-69

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