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South African Journal of Higher Education

2010 Volume 24, Number 5

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Expansive Learning Cycles: Lecturers Using Educational Technologies for Teaching and Learning

    G Lautenbach

    This article focuses on the many obstacles that lecturers encounter when learning to use educational technologies in their work, including the inhibitory nature of the larger activity system of the... More

    pp. 699-715

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  2. Against Journal Articles for Measuring Value in University Output

    C Mbali

    The following lines of arguments against the metrics of journal articles is developed: (1) Textual output should no longer be main valued output; (2) Digitalization enables other ways of advancing ... More

    pp. 745-757

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  3. Introducing a Learning Management System in a Large First Year Class: Impact on Lecturers and Students

    J Snowball & M Mostert

    The challenges of teaching large classes are well documented in the literature on teaching in higher education. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) have the potential to address some ... More

    pp. 818-831

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  4. Higher Education in the Wake of New ICT: Reaping Benefits or Creating More Problems through E-Learning?

    J Seke Mboungou Mouyabi

    This article deals with e-learning by focusing on the perceptible tension between ICT and Education. It calls for the implementation of a supple platform within higher education community in the... More

    pp. 1178-1189

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