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South African Journal of Higher Education

2008 Volume 22, Number 6

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. If We Build It, They Will Come! Exploring the Role of ICTs in Curriculum Design and Development: The Myths, Miracles and Affordances

    S Naidu

    Central to the argument about the influence of media on learning is how this influence is measured or ascertained. Conventional methods which comprise the use of true and quasi-experimental designs... More

    pp. 674-685

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  2. Differentiated Quality Assurance for the African Virtual University's Teacher Education Qualification in Mathematics and Science

    A Hattingh

    For the African Virtual University and its consortium of African universities the implementation of quality promoting initiatives are not without challenges and scepticisms. To be discussed in this... More

    pp. 1197-1211

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  3. Can Animation Be Used to Improve Comprehension of Instructional Text?

    T P. Moremoholo

    The aim of the study was to determine whether the animation of a linear process, requiring explanatory text, can assist students to form a better understanding of the text. Tertiary students (N =... More

    pp. 1241-1248

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  4. What's in It for Me? An Analysis of the Need for Credit-Bearing Professional Development Modules on the Topic of e-Learning

    M Tlhoaele & L van Ryneveld

    Worldwide, institutions offer various professional development programmes that empower lecturers (or "faculty", as they are called elsewhere) to use technology properly in the classrooms. Once... More

    pp. 1279-1291

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