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South African Journal of Higher Education

1996 Volume 10, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. How To Achieve Mobility in South African Higher Education

    Karen Lazenby

    Argues that to achieve the desired change in multicultural South African higher education, and to support change in South African society, the system must: integrate academic education and... More

    pp. 30-38

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  2. Self-Generation of Data in Computer-Aided Education of New Testament Greek

    J V. Cronje

    Describes a computer program that generates a bank of items for second-language learning drills, including the differential processing of nouns, adjectives, and verbs. The program is used in a New ... More

    pp. 114-19

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  3. Distance Learners and Their Experience of Text

    Anne-Marie Bergh

    A study using 10 University of South Africa education graduates investigated how students experience two very different textbooks. Results suggest that the students' personal circumstances dictated... More

    pp. 169-74

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  4. The Diverse Knowledge Accessing Modes of First-Year Distance Students

    W J. Fraser & M M. Nieman

    A survey of 2,071 first-year students in university distance-education programs found the two most common learning strategies were repetitive reading of course materials and summarization of facts.... More

    pp. 185-98

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