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Journal on Educational Psychology

2008 Volume 2, Number 1

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Number of articles: 3

  1. What Engages Students in MetaL-FrOG? A Triarchy Perspective on Meta-Cognitive Learning

    Ng Sen Fa & Firuz Hussin Hussin

    This paper presents the central ideas of a grounded theory research by the name of Triarchy Perspective on Metacognitive Learning in Free Online Groups, or "TriP on MetaL-FrOG" in short. ... More

    pp. 10-28

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  2. Development of Social Mediation and Emotional Regulation in Virtual Learning Environment Research

    Miika Lehtonen, Tom Page, Lence Miloseva & Gisli Thorsteinsson

    This paper puts forward a series of theoretical underpinnings and design considerations for embodying emotional and aesthetic aspects of virtual (reality) and learning environment (VLEs) in support... More

    pp. 34-47

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  3. A Study of Effectiveness of Computer Assisted Instruction (CAI) over Classroom Lecture (CRL) at ICS Level

    Tayyeba Kaousar, Bushra Naoreen Choudhry & Aijaz Ahmed Gujjar

    This study was aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of CAI vs. classroom lecture for computer science at ICS level. The objectives were to compare the learning effects of two groups with classroom... More

    pp. 48-59

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