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Learning and Instruction

Volume 18, Number 5

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Number of articles: 7

  1. Motivations, perceptions, and aspirations concerning teaching as a career for different types of beginning teachers

    Helen M.G. Watt & Paul W. Richardson

    The professional plans, satisfaction levels, demographic characteristics, perceptions and motivations of different teacher types distinguished by cluster analysis were investigated among graduate... More

    pp. 408-428

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  2. Professional commitment and health among teachers in Germany: A typological approach

    Ulf Kieschke & Uwe Schaarschmidt

    The interplay of occupational engagement and individual coping capacity is very important. A methodological tool that provides the means for such an analysis which includes psychological aspects of... More

    pp. 429-437

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  3. Student teachers' achievement goal orientations during teacher studies: Antecedents, correlates and outcomes

    Lars-Erik Malmberg

    This study aimed to investigate whether student teachers' achievement goal orientations changed during teacher studies, and how motivational trajectories were related to academically- and teaching-... More

    pp. 438-452

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  4. Achievement goals for teaching as predictors of students' perceptions of instructional practices and students' help seeking and cheating

    Ruth Butler & Limor Shibaz

    This study examined a new achievement-goal approach to teacher motivation by testing the predictions that mastery and ability-avoidance goals for teaching would predict students' reports of teacher... More

    pp. 453-467

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  5. Students' and mathematics teachers' perceptions of teacher enthusiasm and instruction

    Mareike Kunter, Yi-Miau Tsai, Uta Klusmann, Martin Brunner, Stefan Krauss & Jürgen Baumert

    This article investigates teacher enthusiasm and how it relates to instructional behaviours. We distinguished teachers' enthusiasm for the subject matter of mathematics from their enthusiasm for... More

    pp. 468-482

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  6. Charting the course for the teaching profession: The energizing and sustaining role of motivational forces

    Patricia A. Alexander

    This commentary to the special issue on teacher motivation began by considering certain educational truisms that were reinforced by the findings of the contributed articles. For instance,... More

    pp. 483-491

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  7. What motivates teachers? Important work on a complex question

    Anita Woolfolk Hoy

    In this commentary I briefly describe the articles, suggest three themes that unite the works and two questions raised by them, and then elaborate some challenges that these studies pose for... More

    pp. 492-498

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