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Learning and Instruction

Volume 12, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. Structural and dynamic aspects of interest development: theoretical considerations from an ontogenetic perspective

    Andreas Krapp

    Empirical research on the development of individual interests is mostly concerned with the analysis of developmental trends in groups or populations. However, there is a distinct lack of... More

    pp. 383-409

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  2. Gender and interest processes in response to literary texts: situational and individual interest

    Mary Ainley, Kylie Hillman & Suzanne Hidi

    This investigation examined interest in literary texts among senior secondary students. It explored how individual and situational factors contribute to topic interest and, using interactive... More

    pp. 411-428

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  3. Children's argument writing, interest and self-efficacy: an intervention study

    Suzanne Hidi, Dagmar Berndorff & Mary Ainley

    The purpose of this study was to examine how a combination of motivational and instructional variables can be best utilized in an intervention program to improve students' emotional and cognitive... More

    pp. 429-446

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  4. Promoting girls' interest and achievement in physics classes for beginners

    L Hoffmann

    Particularly in the so called “hard” science subjects the supposedly equal treatment offered by coeducation in schools proves to be, on closer inspection, an extremely subtle form of unequal... More

    pp. 447-465

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  5. Individual interest as context in expository text and mathematical word problems

    K.A Renninger, L Ewen & A.K Lasher

    The profiles and performance of three 11-year-old students are detailed as the basis for discussing the practical implications of inserting contexts of well-developed and less-developed individual ... More

    pp. 467-490

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