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Educational Media International

September 2007 Volume 44, Number 3

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Number of articles: 6

  1. Activity-Based Approach to Authentic Learning in a Vocational Institute

    Chan Bee Choo

    With emphasis on developing competence in students, an activity-based learning environment, inspired by constructivist and situated learning theories, was piloted in the Institute of Technical... More

    pp. 185-205

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  2. Using Sentence Openers to Support Students' Argumentation in an Online Learning Environment

    Teo Yiong-Hwee & Daniel Churchill

    This article describes a study which was designed to explore how sentence openers supported students' construction of arguments in an online learning environment. The study involved a group of... More

    pp. 207-218

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  3. Authentic Learning Supported by Technology: Ten Suggestions and Cases of Integration in Classrooms

    Jan Herrington & Lisa Kervin

    Technology use in classrooms is often employed for all the wrong reasons--such as convenience, pressure from school administrators, the belief that students need to be entertained, and so on. In... More

    pp. 219-236

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  4. Perceiving the Useful, Enjoyable and Effective: A Case Study of the E-Learning Experience of Tertiary Students in Singapore

    Linda Fang

    This article discusses a study conducted at one of the polytechnics in Singapore. Its purpose was to explore how the cultural characteristics of Singapore students influenced and shaped their e... More

    pp. 237-253

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  5. Developing Pre-Service English Teachers' Competencies for Integration of Technology in Language Classrooms in Kazakhstan

    Victor V. Egorov, Damira D. Jantassova & Natalia Churchill

    This article discusses the implementation of the "Information and Communication Technologies in Foreign Language Teaching and Learning" course conducted as a component of the pre-service English... More

    pp. 255-265

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  6. Supporting Technology Use in Schools with a Public-Private Partnership: A Collective Case Study of Five Asian Countries

    Cher Ping Lim, Philip Wong & Vincent Quah

    Developing and emerging countries are challenged to transform their educational system and schools in order to prepare their students for the twenty-first century. Although information and... More

    pp. 267-285

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