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Educational Media International

December 2006 Volume 43, Number 4

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Number of articles: 5

  1. The Learning Sciences: The Very Idea

    Liam Rourke & Norm Friesen

    Attempts to frame the study of teaching and learning in explicitly scientific terms are not new, but they have been growing in prominence. Journals, conferences, and centres of "learning science"... More

    pp. 271-284

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  2. Epistemological Beliefs on Teaching and Learning: A Survey among Pre-Service Teachers in Singapore

    Ching Sing Chai, Myint Swe Khine & Timothy Teo

    Personal epistemological beliefs influence one's cognitive and metacognitive operations in a significant way. They also influence how teachers conceptualize teaching. It is therefore essential for ... More

    pp. 285-298

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  3. The Reverse LPP Process for Nurturing a Community of Practice

    David Hung, Der-Thanq Chen & Thiam Seng Koh

    In this article we suggest a facilitating process for nurturing a community of practice (CoP). This process can be seen as a reverse LPP (legitimate peripheral participation) process where a... More

    pp. 299-314

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  4. Computers and Cognitive Development at Work

    Wolff-Michael Roth & Yew-Jin Lee

    Data-logging exercises in science classrooms assume that with the proper scaffolding and provision of contexts by instructors, pupils are able to meaningfully comprehend the experimental variables ... More

    pp. 331-346

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  5. Conversational Analysis as an Analytical Tool for Face-to-Face and Online Conversations

    Seng-Chee Tan & Aik-Ling Tan

    Some learning scientists are beginning to investigate social and cultural aspects of learning by examining the interactions between a learner and the environment as well as with other people in the... More

    pp. 347-361

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