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American Journal of Distance Education

1995 Volume 9, Number 3

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Number of articles: 5

  1. An Institutional Support Framework for Increasing Faculty Participation in Postsecondary Distance Education

    Don Olcott & Stephen J. Wright

    The importance of distance education compels postsecondary institutions to reduce barriers to faculty participation and provide support services that will ensure student access to high-quality... More

    pp. 5-17

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  2. The Multidimensional Audioconferencing Classification System (MACS)

    Peter S. Cookson & Yu-bi Chang

    Describes the development of the Multidimensional Audioconferencing Classification System (MACS), an instrument for the tabulation, analysis, and interpretation of audioconferencing instructional... More

    pp. 18-36

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  3. A Review of Distance-Learning Studies in the U.S. Military

    Michael Barry & Gregory B. Runyan

    Reviews literature on studies of distance learning in military settings, including distance learning delivery systems, effectiveness studies comparing distance learning and resident training, and... More

    pp. 37-47

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  4. Distance Education for Aboriginal Communities in Canada: Past Experience and Future Potential

    Steve Gruber & Gary Coldevin

    Reviews problems with the current educational situation in Canadian aboriginal communities. Notes the potential of distance education to reduce problems associated with cultural assimilation and to... More

    pp. 48-61

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  5. Student Support via Audio Teleconferencing: Psycho-Educational Workshops for Post-bachelor Nursing Students

    Vivian Lalande

    Describes a project designed to provide student services via audio teleconferencing to post-diploma bachelor of nursing students at the University of Calgary (Canada). Evaluation results indicated ... More

    pp. 62-73

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