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American Journal of Distance Education

1993 Volume 7, Number 3

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 4

  1. Perceptions of Interaction: The Critical Predictor in Distance Education

    Catherine P. Fulford & Shuqiang Zhang

    Describes a study of elementary school teachers that examined learner perceptions of interaction--both personal and overall--and satisfaction in an inservice education course delivered by... More

    pp. 8-21

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  2. Oklahoma's Star Schools: Equipment Use and Benefits Two Years after Grant's End

    Constance M. Martin

    Discusses results of a survey of 35 Oklahoma schools that received satellite downlinks as part of the Star Schools Assistance Act to investigate the extent to which schools were continuing to use... More

    pp. 51-60

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  3. Analytic Considerations in Distance Education Research

    Hoi K. Suen & Robert J. Stevens

    Reports on a review of empirical research reports submitted over the past several years to the "American Journal of Distance Education" that identified common analytic problems and errors often... More

    pp. 61-69

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  4. A Scholar's Journey: Using the Internet for Adult and Distance Education Research

    Jill H. Ellsworth

    Discusses use of the Internet for research on adult and distance education. Highlights include a description of the Internet; scholarly discussion lists; Telnet; FTP (File Transfer Protocol);... More

    pp. 76-83

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