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American Journal of Distance Education

1992 Volume 6, Number 2

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Table of Contents

Number of articles: 3

  1. Dimensions of "Control" in Distance Education: A Factor Analysis

    Myra Baynton

    Discussion of learner control in distance education focuses on a study that examined six factors relating to three dimensions of control, i.e., independence, competence, and support. The use of... More

    pp. 17-31

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  2. Integrating Computer-Based Instruction with Computer Conferencing: An Evaluation of a Model for Designing Online Education

    A C. Lauzon

    Reviews the concept of learning in distance education; explains a model that lays the conceptual foundation for successfully integrating computer-based instruction with computer conferencing for... More

    pp. 32-46

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  3. Establishing Workload Equivalence: U.S. Independent Study Courses and College Residence Classes

    Ronald F. Malan & Sandra Feller

    Discusses course workload in college-affiliated independent study programs. A program at Brigham Young University that addressed the problem of workload equivalence and reduced the number of... More

    pp. 56-63

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